We Find Missing Children

Missing, Abducted, Runaway, or At-Risk.

We help find them at NO COST to you.

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to Remember

Startling statistics show that our families and children are at risk.

  • 1.3 million children missing

    The causes range from stranger abduction, parental abduction, runaways, throwaway's, children seduced or involved in cults and children missing for unknown reasons.

  • There are many reasons, but whatever the cause the fact remains that a child is missing.

  • 1 out of every 60 children

    This could be your child, or a nephew or niece, or the child next door. But the bottom line is they are gone!


Tips Vital for your Family's Safety & Security

  • My Safety Rules

    NEVER speak to strangers
    NEVER go with ANYONE without your parents permission
    When home alone, if you answer the phone NEVER tell the caller you are alone
    NEVER answer the door without your parents permission
    NEVER play in the front yard without an adult
    Do the 4 Always!
    Always ask permission before you go out,
    Always tell your parents where you are going,
    Always call them when you get there
    Always call them when you are leaving.
    When walking on the street, use the "Buddy System"
    NEVER go up to any car
    It's OK to run away
    It's OK to scream VERY LOUD if you are scarred or in trouble
    If scarred or upset tell a parent or a policemen or a teacher

  • If a stranger approaches you remember

    There is NEVER a lost dog or kitten
    Don't ever go near a car, van or truck
    No adult ever needs help from a child
    No adult ever needs directions from a child
    Don't ever go with a stranger ANYWHERE
    Don't ever go into someone's house, EVER!!
    Don't EVER let anyone touch you... EVER!!!
    If someone wants you to go with them, Do not Go, RUN and tell your parent or a teacher or a policeman or another adult.
    Always have a secret code word with your parents.
    If someone, even someone you know, wants you to go with them and they do not have the secret code word, Do not GO!!!

    DO RUN and SCREAM!!!


  • Hands On

    We are a full missing child investigative organization.

  • Registered NGO

    United Nations registered, our primary interest is juvenile human rights.

  • We Find Children

    Our investigators are professionals, skilled in locating missing children.

  • Deep Talent

    Criminology, psychology, investigators, profilers, police, military, security specialists, analysts.

  • Dedicated

    Caring individuals, dedicated to making a difference.

  • Additional Services

    Case Management, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Public Event Planning, Fingerprinting and DNA Programs, Search and Rescue Teams.

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